As well as styling editorials for Voir Fashion Magazine produced by Studio Voir, Jyoti has styled music artists: 

D Double E; Raye; Tom Zanetti; Lethal Bizzle; Baseman; Chipmunk and JME.

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Fashion Stylist


voir fashion magazine

Photographing many of the fashion and beauty editorials for Voir Fashion Magazine, Luke has captured many famous names such as Kaiser Chiefs, Raye, Tom Zanetti and Chloe Jasmine. He is a keen illustrator too.

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Fashion photographer

Art director

voir fashion magazine

About Us

Capturing the imagination of the viewer is a rare skill that only a select few image-makers possess. With that concept in mind, Studio Voir set about to ultimately produce imagery which is arresting, engaging and memorable.

For us, imagery which starts a conversation, captures emotion or tells a story is vital to brand communication, and is the reason we adopt a painstaking process which underpins each and every image we release to the world.


Providing the creative direction, styling, beauty and photography for the key editorials in Voir Fashion Magazine, Studio Voir is well-equipped to transform your ideas into high-end visual language, to expertly communicate your brand of fashion and beauty with a global audience.



Our Ethos:

With a motto of 'We are Voir, we find a way', our team will go to any length to create compelling imagery that communicates on an emotive level with the consumer. Having a strong editorial bias to our work, and a philosophy that clothes and products take second stage to mood and storyline, consumers are more convinced, and consequently more inclined to engage over a longer period of time. We feel it is important that consumers just “get it”, so we carefully plan our ideas, but leave adequate room for spontaneous creativity to shine through.


We create powerful imagery

that raises the bar in fashion & beauty

brand communication to intensify

audience engagement.

concept and

art direction

With the right approach to the end result, a well-conceived concept will transcend a look into a campaign, and ultimately sell your brand in extraordinary ways.

When we train our lens on the subject, we know exactly what we are trying to capture beforehand. 



Studio Voir has an approach to styling akin to that of a runway show.

The art of post production at Studio Voir is to make images convey a certain mood and ambiance. 

post production retouching


Photography for websites and online portals needs to be simple and easy to read.

social media

Creating imagery with the ability to engage is extremely important in today’s fast-paced social media.