With the right approach to the end result, a well-conceived concept will transcend a look into a campaign, and ultimately sell your brand in extraordinary ways. We consider careful conceptualisation an investment to make your story more convincing. This entails creating visual mood boards, a must to enable you to envisage the concept, agree on styling, understand the mood and believe in the storyline. It also helps dramatically with continuity.



When we train our lens on the subject, we know exactly what we are trying to capture beforehand. Capturing a mood or emotion takes a large degree of forethought, capturing the essence of a brand on the other hand, takes a great amount of dialogue and a certain element of magic.

Getting an international look is extremely difficult to master, and an international look could be the difference between a good campaign and an exceptional one. Studio Voir has an approach to styling akin to that of a runway show. We aim to sell dreams as opposed to reality.


The art of post production at Studio Voir is to make images convey a certain mood and ambiance. We do not believe in the wholesale approach of blurring images to achieve flawless results, but more the fine art of a few nips and tucks in the right places to enhance natural beauty, and careful grading to deliver the right emotion. Our before and after images below show the extent to what can be achieved.


Photography for websites and online portals needs to be simple and easy to understand. Studio Voir can capture your latest fashion collection, products or accessories to make the merchandise more appealing, and the selling process a lot more simple.


Creating imagery with the ability to engage is extremely important in today’s fast-paced social media. Studio Voir is very well suited to delivering photography which is arresting, enticing and memorable, resulting in increased sharing and greater visibility across more platforms.